Please Give Me $1,000,000


My name is Randy Mcneil. I'm an aspiring Pastor, Artist and God Fearing

Man from Detroit, Michigan. I have a wife and 7 kids of whom I very Grateful for! I live in a small home with two bedrooms in a severely impoverished neighborhood over run wit drug addicts, vandals and very negative people. Most of the homes in my neighborhood and surrounding area are abandoned and destroyed. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the story's of Detroit... If you're not, just do a quick google search on it!  I'm sure you'll find things quite interesting and will understand what I'm telling you. I fear for my families safety on a daily basis, can't make it to work due to our cities extremely poor public transportation service and because obviously funds are far to low to purchase a new car and my credit is in pretty rough shape because of it! I would love to just lease or finance a vehicle, just I would not be able to afford the payments!...

That's on top of many other bills that I can't afford at the moment.

That's the primary reason I need one million dollars ($1,000,000)!

However, the Purpose for creating this campaign, is solely  a test of FAITH
in my Beliefs in GOD!, The Laws of the Universe, Karma etc......
I *Know I shall receive what I am asking! I have FAITH that GOD=The Creator will give me what I am asking through Positive, Understanding, Generous People!

"I have taken the 1st STEP...

             ...Now I leave it in the Hands of GOD!"

Randy Mcneil